akaPlayer API Usage


Change Log

  1. We are using this akaPlayer API for our projects, so its always FREE for you guys. Please dont ask for the price, Thanks!
  2. Using our API you’ll be able to get movie streaming links from our database which you can integrate into your App or device. Please understand we do not upload or host video files. This is merely a service that scrapes the internet and categorizes links and serves you on demand …(our system will find movie streaming links from other websites and search engines).
  3. A lot of us don’t know coding, that’s why we are puting this tutorial at the first of this website.
  4. You can use our API even if you don’t know coding or have a server. All you have to do is to iFrame us like below. Just replace the imdb id of the movie or tv show (for tv show you need to put season and episode number ex : tt0944947-1-1 ) anyou want to stream on the code below and you’ll web page or device will have a streaming functionality in no time.

Directly EMBED [iFraming] our video source [movies]


Directly EMBED [iFraming] our video source [episodes]